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KEEP MOVING - 9YRS of Sancho's Dirty Laundry

02 January 2023 by Sancho Murphy

I found running a small business in 2022 really hard at the start of the year and sort of dipped for a bit to protect my energy and focus solely on the shop. I’m super grateful to still be chugging along and tick over 9 years of the store. It really comes down to the community around Dirty Laundry and my staff that are always so enthusiastic and helpful.

We made this little video around the latest tee release - a reminder to KEEP MOVING and to take up your own space. I had so much fun collaborating and quietly observing each person do their thing. Just wanted to say thankyou and wish everyone a safe New Year’s - I hope 2023 is good to you ☺️

Filmed and edited by RADE VISUALS [] & CULTURED MEDIA [] (the
talented barbers that work next door - my shop neighbours!)

Beat by @chemi_cal_cutlab []

Featuring @amanda__va / @taya.bonny / @yoo.its.joshua (Dirty Laundry Crew)