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RECAP: Weekend at Palko's

15 April 2019 by Sancho Murphy

The shop has always been a bubble for me to express myself and interests, and figuring out where that fits into the bigger scheme of things and what the hell is it that I’m doing with my time. It’s also been a gate-way for me to connect and collaborate with others who vibe off the same wave. Over the years customers have become good friends 🙂

I first met Owen a few years ago when he would skip school (hehe) and hang out in the shop, eventually employing him in a work experience role. Watching him go from not knowing what he wanted to do with his time to producing these high quality videos and photography work - with a DIY ethos, giving things a go, experiential learning, actively pursuing this creative endeavour - that resonated with me, and is a big part of what the shop is about. So anyways, I was stoked for him to produce this little recap edit of the shop’s 5 year birthday party. He captured the vibe well good.

Thank you to everyone who has been part of the fabric of the store, I really can’t see myself doing anything else, so here’s to staying alive for another 5!

And thanks to all involved for Weekend at Palko’s - A Dirty Laundry x CBR DIY birthday bash!

- Sancho

Filmed & Edited by Walter Productions

Soundtrack by Shinji