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Abandoned PCYC Building Turner

12 December 2020 by Sancho Murphy

This was one of the funnest projects I got to play a small part in and I really hope it's the start of many more on that scale. The artists were given a space to breathe and create (mostly without a brief!) - it was a chance to showcase a diverse offering of Canberra and regional aerosol artists from across disciplines to celebrate the things that give our city character. The result is an explosion of colour and styles!

If you are a painter and want to register interest for future TCCS (Transport Canberra and City Services) funded projects, reach out to the Graffiti Management Co-ordinator Lisa Petheram -->
From personal experience, I can vouch that they are an organisation willing to listen to artists' needs and create rewarding opportunities for locals. They are pretty transparent about project goals, responsibilities, expectations and more than happy to take on feedback to refine future projects.

Also, mention to artist Dai Cameron for putting in the long hours over the six weeks.


PCYC, 6 Watson Street, Turner, ACT, 2612 - Map Location HERE