Sancho's Dirty Laundry

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It's Alive!

01 February 2016 by Sancho Murphy



















As they say, the people make the place - to all the artists + musicians who came and did what they do best, the hard-working bar staff pouring those fresh mixes, sound + lighting and the punters picking up what we're putting down - a big THANK-YOU from the Lobrow Crew for supporting & making some timeless memories for the grand opening :)

*Special fist bump explosion to Davekat, Megan Bones, the Beach Burrito Crew and the folk over at Sancho's Dirty Laundry.

**Proudly supported by Pistonhead Lager and Apple Thief Cider.

***Photographs by VRTCL Photography.

Next up, the first official gallery launch, Ground Control: A Bowie Inspired Exhibition ----> Facebook Event Page.

Full Lobrow Gallery & Bar launch weekend album on Facebook.