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23 August 2015 by Sancho Murphy

This year with the shop moving from a pop-up location to new permanent digs, amongst the juggling act of it all we sat back for one hot minute to reflect on the highs and lows of running a small independent business. It hasn’t been all peachy goodness, some days the struggle is real but we can testify that the successes we’ve had come down to the support and enthusiasm from the community and brands we stock. It’s as simple as supporting those who support you and Dirty Laundry would be nothing but!

At the start of this year we made the decision to really focus more on independent upstart labels. Shopping independent is great, the products are from an ethical supply chain, the designers are more engaged creating from the heart, pieces are exclusive and limited and the consumer does not fall victim to the noise of advertising and paid endorsements.

Cut from this cloth is Sydney based label TC (formerly Tuff-Crew). We had stocked them prior to the re-brand in the pop-up days and have seen the organic growth, we talked to Charlie Nivision (Silly Pear) one half of the brand.