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More Cheese & Staying Cheative!

20 June 2016 by Sancho Murphy

Chehehe is an artist and creative living in Melbourne. His work follows themes of symbology, repetition and pattern, influenced by interplanetary exploration, time travel, inter-dimensional beings and their relationship with modern cities and society. 

Born in Melbourne and studying multimedia and digital art, Chehehe is one of the founding members of the Arts Hole - an open plan creative space located in Caulfield, Melbourne featuring resident artists & designers: Six Years Later Magazine, Ohnoes, Staying Creative, A. Mac, Boywolf, Losop, Mitch Walder, Dose, CRISIS, Kewks, Jimmy Armstrong, Keo Match, Eyeball, Juan Mcarb, Facter.

Lobrow Gallery & Bar is excited to host Chehehe’s first interstate solo exhibition, along with the launch of a zine featuring photographs from his trip from Melbourne to Canberra. FILELIFE_2 continues Chehehe's journey into geometric dimensions with a new body of work including paintings, drawings and sculpture.

The exhibition launched last Thursday and is up for another 2 weeks, last day to check it out is Wednesday 29th June. Master wordsmith Houl sent over some questions to give us an insight into the inner workings of Che Industries.



Lets not fuck around here, Chehehe, we’ll pretend the boring standard questions at the start of every interview is a bandaid, and just rip it right off. How long have you been making art? What is your process for art making? What is your process for stool sample making? What artists influence you? What drives you to create?
Hey. Yeah I like to stay creative and make art and shit, I have since I was little and toilet trained. My crew and studio mates inspire me, as well as so many of the mad artists out there in the world. The process of staying creative and staying creative every day is what drives me to do what I do. 


Pretend that my reactions to your responses were filled with genuine interest and amazement at the diction of your responses, and we can move on from this whole charade and into the good stuff.
Realtalk. My Spirit Animal is a Manatee. I’m led to believe that your spirit animal is an alien. Why? Can you describe it to me?
My spirit is an alien, and my spirit alien is also an alien. It evolved on Planet Chehehe and was brought to Earth to Stay Creative. It cannot be seen by our eyes, as it is made up of many cell-size che-bits/bytes.



Whether it’s a bit of Beyonce, a touch of Led Zeppelin or some Dolly Parton, we all have that perfect album to jam out on while driving. What is your go-to album to get pumped for the day?
Haha yeah all kinds of beats and rhymes get me going, guess my old iPod playlist is my go-to and includes mainly hip-hop mixed in with some 90's nostalgia and music to play games to.


Can you take us on a trip into the Cheniverse? How do we get there? What is the first thing we see? What ailments and diseases will we need to inoculate ourselves to beforehand?
Expeditions to Planet Chehehe leave often from the Che Industries Launch-Pad. You will need to purchase a ticket from the counter, and complete a short safety course before travel. When you arrive, make sure your helmet and suit are in outer-world mode, and be ready to endure a visual and sensory overload. Protective goggles can be purchased if the chebotics overwhelms your vision. No inoculations are required, but all visitors will return with residual chebotics either on their person or belongings.


*Click the video below to play.

A video posted by @stayingcheative on


Serious question here. Can you tell me a bit about “Six Years Later” and how do I sweet-talk my way into a feature?
Six Years Later is an art-only magazine project that was launched by my lovely girlfriend, Laura. I help her set up the launch exhibitions and carry the slabs of beer. Issue 5 is in planning, and submissions will open this year, so no sweet talking needed just send us your art.


You seem to be a multi-skilled artist. From your illustrations and murals, your badges and helmets to your sculptures and Urinal Fountains. Do you have a preferred medium to work in?
I collect stuff, always have and always will. This hoarding nature has led me to draw so many different objects for fun and for people. I can't say I have a preferred medium overall, just a preferred medium on a specific day.


Your style can be characterised by your intricately detailed designs, stripped back colour, and repeated shapes and symbols that managed to fill any given space. How often do you, or are you tempted to, sneak in dicks into your designs?
Haha I am yet to hide a sneaky dick in one of my designs. The only things I've hidden in my works would be shout outs, boring.... 


Photograph by @kewksleboeuf

Last but not least, before any readers who have stuck around long enough get to this part, log off and begin trawling 4chan for some gore, do you have any last words of wisdom you'd like to share?
Just some more cheese from Chehehe and Stay Creative!



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