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Illustrator / Graphic Designer

Mr Manok is young, single and ready to mingle; but don’t get it twisted because they are neither a mister nor a manok. Their confusing and misleading moniker Mr Manok is reflection of their childish humour, hyperactive behaviour and enthusiasm for everything food related. They’ve also left it too late to change their name, so it’s Mr Manok till the end.

They are currently studying their BA of Graphic Design/ Communication in Advertising at University of Canberra and have previously worked as an Adobe representative, been published in Stickerbomb Skulls, designed a tour poster for J. Cole’s Forest Hills Drive Tour and is currently a top 10 finalist in the AS Colour Little Help T-shirt competition.

Mr Manok is a versatile artist who works in traditional and digital mediums and is well versed in graphic design and illustration. They have a keen eye for anything cute and exciting and can whip you up a sweet logo or design you some cute characters if you ask politely. Mr Manok likes to keep busy and is always up for a good chat.

Skills & Experience

Traditional illustration, Digital illustration, Character design, Poster design, Sticker design, Branding

What is Studio Level Up?

Nestled deep within the roundabout-littered loins of Canberra, you’ll find LEVEL UP Studio, a clique, a crew, a collective, another buzz ‘c-word’ of fresh faced, enthusiastic, humbly talented, newfangled individuals, brought together by a common drive to provide original – next-level creative services in the nation’s capital and abroad.