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Illustrator / Artist / Muralist / Idiot

Houl is a self taught artist and part-time layabout, who draws on myths and legends, literature and verse, whatever Attenborough documentary happens to be on in the background, and that one time he got a concussion but never really did much about it, in his attempts to create art, or at least something that passes for it in the right light.

Working completely by hand, and in a wide variety of mediums, Houl has been splashing paint on walls, scraping lines across paper and ruining canvases with dripping markers for close to a decade. He takes every opportunity to share his passion and enthusiasm with others by taking part in live painting events, running workshops, and working with clients on custom artworks. He creates both inside and out, and on large scale and small, using aerosol to create larger spray paint murals, pens, pencils and inks for finer more delicate illustrations, and his reliable box of almost creepily organised markers for anything and everything in between.

Houl’s consistent approach to his artwork has afforded him many opportunities. He was the first ever winner of the live art competition Secret Wars Australia, had his artwork projected onto the National Library of Australia, The National Portrait Gallery, Questacon and Old Parliament House as part of the 2013 Enlighten Festival and more recently has worked with such Canberra businesses as Penny University, La De Da Bar, Super Fine Coffee and Grease Monkey to add a touch of colour and vibrancy to their walls. Blank walls are Houl's friend, and he's always feeling lonely, so if you know of any, make sure to introduce him to them.

Skills & Experience

Digital and traditional illustration, Publication design including typesetting , Logo design, Character development, 3D creature concepts

What is Studio Level Up?

Nestled deep within the roundabout-littered loins of Canberra, you’ll find LEVEL UP Studio, a clique, a crew, a collective, another buzz ‘c-word’ of fresh faced, enthusiastic, humbly talented, newfangled individuals, brought together by a common drive to provide original – next-level creative services in the nation’s capital and abroad.