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Designer / Illustrator / Artist

Cohen is half human, half chair, the next step in evolution after a decade of working behind a screen for various digital/ad agencies, mixed with late night freelancing and a hobby of designing vector graphics. Fed up working in the mayhem and 'just pump out the work' attitude of ad agencies, Cohen started his own design studio a year ago so he could concentrate on creating work he and his clients could be proud of. He has been building a reputation based on giving everything to each and every project he takes on ever since.

Cohen specialises in vector graphics, with a unique style of his own but also the ability to chameleon-morph depending on a project's specifications. His range of work includes logo design, print design, character design, commercial illustration, map design, infographics, interface design and icon design to name a few. Cohen prides himself on his ability to walk client's through the process, always practical and without the jargon filled nonsense.

Aside from Cohen's design skills, his career started in interface design and development/coding, giving Level Up a nasty digital edge. Cohen's attention to detail and bold illustration style has landed him jobs with Harley Davidson and Imagination Games. More recently his work was featured in the 2015 Semi Permanent Book.

Skills & Experience

What is Studio Level Up?

Nestled deep within the roundabout-littered loins of Canberra, you’ll find LEVEL UP Studio, a clique, a crew, a collective, another buzz ‘c-word’ of fresh faced, enthusiastic, humbly talented, newfangled individuals, brought together by a common drive to provide original – next-level creative services in the nation’s capital and abroad.