Sancho's Dirty Laundry

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Designer / Illustrator / Artist

Butcha aka Owen Gibbons frequently struts a seven dollar flanny with a death metal t-shirt, shaves his head to abolish the need for hair waxes and oils and is a super easy going, laid back friendly individual who is about as harmful as a kitten in a straight jacket.

With a 14 year professional background as a print based graphic designer, Owen specialises in branding, logo design, large format displays, typography and publication design. Fed up with designers speaking their nerdy jargon and strange design lingo?! No problem, Owen will make sure you are comfortable with the entire design process.

In addition to designing, he loves to use his self taught illustration skills. If its water colour landscapes, advanced scrap booking and decoupage you are after unfortunately you have found the wrong guy. Owen draws his inspiration from comics, dark arts, horror movies, life experiences and the down right weird. From traditional mediums to computer based vector graphics, digital painting and 3D sculpting he is always experimenting with new ways to create that perfect popping image.

Skills & Experience

Digital and traditional illustration, Publication design including typesetting , Logo design, Character development, 3D creature concepts

What is Studio Level Up?

Nestled deep within the roundabout-littered loins of Canberra, you’ll find LEVEL UP Studio, a clique, a crew, a collective, another buzz ‘c-word’ of fresh faced, enthusiastic, humbly talented, newfangled individuals, brought together by a common drive to provide original – next-level creative services in the nation’s capital and abroad.