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FILELIFE_2 - new works by Chehehe

03 April 2016 by Sancho Murphy


Chehehe is an artist and creative living in Melbourne. His work follows themes of symbology, repetition and pattern, influenced by interplanetary exploration, time travel, inter-dimensional beings and their relationship with modern cities and society.

Born in Melbourne and studying multimedia and digital art, Chehehe is one of the founding members of the Arts Hole - an open plan creative space located in Caulfield, Melbourne featuring resident artists & designers: Six Years Later Magazine, Ohnoes, Staying Creative, A. Mac, Boywolf, Losop, Mitch Walder, Dose, CRISIS, Kewks, Jimmy Armstrong, Keo Match, Eyeball, Juan Mcarb, Facter.

Lobrow Gallery & Bar is excited to host Chehehe’s first interstate solo exhibition, along with the launch of a zine featuring photographs from his trip from Melbourne to Canberra. FILELIFE_2 continues Chehehe's jounery into geometric dimensions with a new body of work including paintings, drawings and sculpture. 




Lobrow Gallery + Bar
Level 2, 181 City Walk, Canberra

Thursday 16th June
6PM - free entry

*Exhibition will run for 2 weeks