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14 March 2016 by Sancho Murphy

Lobrow Gallery & Bar, Sancho's Dirty Laundry and The Next Movement bring you the TNM Open Mic Sessions. Its all about opportunities for cats straight out of the bedroom, those of us who may have been hibernating, industry and microphone veterans and anyone who has love for their art and hip hop culture. With two turntables and some microphones now is your turn to take the mic or take hold of the turntables, register to be heard.

What you need to know:
The Next Movement started taking interest and registration details last week and the interest and registrations have been coming in hot.

What you need to do:
With wild card and Open Mic time available on the night the TNM team have been busy taking your interest and registrations, to register and to hopefully secure your place on the night please contact the TNM team.

All TNM Open Mic Sessions instrumentals are sourced for the event from producers, all producers and DJ's are volunteer locally and from beyond for more details on registering any interest in participation and terms and conditions for the the event contact the TNM team. Registrations close midnight 22 March.



Whats next:
Keep an ear and eye to the ground on the Hips & Hops: TNM Open Mic SESSIONS event and The Next Movement's page for further information. Registrations close midnight sharp Tuesday 22nd of March.

Live Performance from:

Lash’s hard hitting punch lines delivering a mischievous style and a dynamic live performance. Late 2015 saw the release of his debut EP ‘Anonymous Antics’ and its clear there was no looking back for Lash.

Anonymous Antics was a step back in time for Lash as he took on his own past and continues to take on his present. Exploring places and attempting to relive all the moments he has never taken himself or his audience too within his music and digging deep into why "Lash" is who he is.

After emerging onto the stage less than 18 months ago, dropping two mixtapes and his debut EP Lash has gone opening for and supporting hip hop heavy weights such as Pharoahe Monch, Rates, Relic & Ghetto Socks, L Fresh the Lion as well as many more.

Continuing to play regular live shows and with a steady stream of releases Lash has made a name for himself as one of Canberra’s best up-and-coming hip hop acts. Stay tuned.


Tak-Un-Da (TK) through a steady consumption of US East and West-coast hip-hop his lyrical presence is enforced by his eclectic style put together through an exposure to a legion of different cultures.

Teaming up with producer Sammy Sosa the pair have been working on hidden library of beats and verses in preparing for TK’s upcoming ‘untitled’ debut record whilst keeping everyone in anticipation of whats to come next.

Dropping hit singles across the board from 2015 and into 2016, with notable favourites like Got Next, Toxic and STFU show casing collaborations with Producer Ventures and rap duo The Ansah Brothers.

Tak-Un-Da’s performance at ‘Fashfest' 2015 highlighted his artistry and passion for performing, with TK going on strong to play shows in Canberra and Melbourne. February 2016 saw TK taking to the stage of HyperNova joining the likes of Chvches, San Sisco Basenji and Ed Fisher.


From those ever smooth emotionally charged harmonies to deep lyricism based on spirituality, politics and drug what rock has been left unturned.

2015 saw a massive year for Jedbrii having released his debut project the ‘Mindstate's Mixtape’ this well received release saw gaining air time on the Triple J Hip Hop Show, it was safe to say
Jedbrii was not going anywhere.

With the Mindstates Mixtape released things quickly ramped up for Jedbrii, taking to the stage with DJ ILL Gato the pair went on to support such hip hop icons as Brother Ali and Devin the
Dude, the Tougne, Nfa Jones (1200 techincs), Mr Carmack and the legendary DJ Houseshoes from Detroit.

2016 is set to be no different and surely will see no slowing down for Jedbrii who is currently working on his debut full length album, aiming to drop later this year. Do yourself a favour and get familiar with Jedbrii.


LoBrow Gallery & Bar
Thursday 24th March - Easter Long weekend
$5 Entry


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