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Guard Your Grill - Lobrow Hips & Hops

07 February 2016 by Sancho Murphy


Multicultural weekend at LoBrow Gallery

In the midst of all the food and cultural madness that this fine world has to bring to our not-so-sleepy city, you will also find a little hip and a little hop, a little boom with a little bap and a whole lot of swag.



Semantix is an Australian Hip Hop crew from the A.C.T consisting of two MC's (Aplus and Mattrix), drummer (Obsene) and DJ (DJ Danggers) who have all been passionate about their Hip Hop from an early age.

Semantix was formed early 2012 and Hip Hop hasn't been safe since! With energetic flows and hard hitting beats they are a force to be reckoned with..

Since forming, they have supported some of the biggest names in Aus Hip Hop such as the Funkoars, Briggs, Spit Syndicate, Def Wish case and many more. They also supported U.S artists Blu, House Shoes and R.A The Rugged Man.

Semantix has released a bunch of tracks on their Soundcloud that are free to download and released their debut EP "Cold Plains" in June 2014.

Semantix are part of Canberra collective of Hip Hop artists "Capslock Collective".



Growing up in Canberra, his influences range from Kool Herc to Tupac Shakur and Kanye West. After accumulating such influences, this has moulded an iconic, golden age sound in Kirklandd's voice, exhibiting clever wordplay and thought provoking lyrics, grounding himself as a young, eclectic, Australian artist.

After linking with Cam Bluff, a platinum record selling and ARIA winning producer who is synonymous with some of Australian Hip Hop's biggest names from Hilltop Hoods, Allday and Illy. Presenting a unique opportunity for Kirklandd to mould his musical identity as an artist, the two have crafted a unique project that challenges every expectation for Australian Hip Hop, slated for release in 2016.

This year sees Kirklandd embark on his musical journey, with an undying passion for his craft that is reflected in the shows he is doing all over the East coast, chasing bigger international objectives that will mould Australia as a pivotal player in the revival of authentic Hip Hop.



A young, up-and-coming wordsmith notably recognised as a vibrant half of duo The Ansah Brothers, as well as 2015's only Hip Hop addition in the final of Triple J's Unearthed High competition.

His soulful jazz tones shouldn't fool you into thinking he won't viciously tear apart a microphone with a linguistic banger at any point throughout his set.




Having travelled the world, Chemi-cal has performed in London, Hawaii, Chile and South Korea and is definitely no newcomer to the turntables. Last year marked his return back to Canberra and slowly but surely he has been making a large impact on the Canberra Hip Hop scene.

Having come runner up in 2015 DMC Heats, DJing for Citizen Kay at Sounds of the Suburbs Festival, as well as supporting JFB in Canberra for his Australia tour 2015 kicking off in style and has all the markings to be another great year.

Chemi-cal's unique styles encompass the many different elements of a multi-talented Hip Hop DJ. Educating his listeners with impeccable track selection and mixing, as well as rocking the crowd and scratching up a storm.



Guard Your Grill: Hips and Hops
Lobrow Gallery & Bar
Level 2, 181 City Walk
Friday 12th Feb
8.00PM // $5 on the door

See you there!