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03 January 2016 by Sancho Murphy

*cue Vitamin C – Graduation (Friends Forever) song*


As I shoved my keys into the door this morning to unlock and trade for the last time this year, I got all weird and emotional, thinking about the first time I did a market stall and dreaming that one day I would have a little shop to call my own.

I turned the air-con and sat quietly for a bit.

I know a lot more about stuff 'n' things now than I did back then but not everything and I still make a lot of mistakes and learn. Most of the progressional steps I’ve taken along the way have been consequence of people giving or pointing me towards opportunities and taking a chance on me. The shop as you see now is the sum total of all it’s parts, from the artists, designers + makers I’ve collaborated with, the customers, the staff, the products I stock, the distro’s willing to give me flexible terms and family & friends supporting in any way possible particularly in those moments of extreme shyness and self doubt, egging me on from the sidelines (my husband Chris especially, his pep talks feel like he’s just picked up my limp body, dumped me into a shopping trolley, wheeled me up the most challenging hill, smiled cheekily and pushed me down with the force to take on whatever comes my way, no brakes).

So yeah, I hope that with the shop I can pass on these vibes to others and continue to water the seeds. With bulk sincerity, thank-you to all those who have been a part and to the customers who are stoking out on the shop.

MASSIVE (like the biggest thing you can think of) thanks to Beach Burrito Civic and the management team for giving me this opportunity to collaborate and keep going.

Take care of each other because we are all in this together :)


*Open today until 5PM
**We’ll be closed over the New Year’s break and will re-open for trade on Saturday 2nd January, 2016

See you on the other side!