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Time Travel Stratospheres - Recent Paintings by Ben Guy

16 May 2016 by Sancho Murphy

funbeard studios presents
Recent paintings by Ben Guy

"...until that helmet was seated, you were still part of the human races; afterwards, you were alone in a tiny mechanical world of your own." - Arthur C. Clarke

With projects spanning children’s book illustration, concept design, art education, sculpture, painting and large outdoor murals, Ben Guy (aka funbeard studios) maintains a multifaceted artistic career, fuelled by his interest in science fiction and the human form. Helmets and masks imbue his vigorously painted canvases and drawings, which often feature children in dystopian surroundings. Cowboys, dinosaurs and ruins also recur throughout his works. The mark of the artist is evident in the textured, layered surfaces of his paintings.

Level 2, 181 City Walk, Canberra
Thursday 2nd June - 6PM

*Exhibition runs for 2 weeks


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